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  • The Bondi Wash Deluxe Baby Pack includes 4 x Baby Products in deluxe sizes, packaged in a beautiful box - a perfect gender-neutral gift for a newborn or great introduction to the Bondi Wash baby range. All products are in  a gentle unisex Blue Cypress & Petitgrain scent and enriched with Emu Apple Extract specially designed for a baby's sensitive skin. Combines gentle Australian native ingredients with a luxurious mix of essential oils and naturals to bring a new range of organic baby products with distinction. Pack contains:
    • Baby Wash 50ml
    • Baby Lotion 50ml
    • Baby Powder 20g
    • Baby Balm 20g
    All Bondi Wash products are plant-based. Nothing nasty. Products are non-toxic, bio-degradable and contain ingredients sourced from the best Australian suppliers.
  • Bondi Wash Dog Pamper Duo is specially designed for dog's with sensitive skin, this pack contains 2 gentle Dog products - all in Paperbark & Lemongrass scent - which has been designed to suit a dog's skin and system. All products will repel insects, kill germs and freshen your pooch, at the same time as calming and relaxing both you and your pup. Contains:
    • Bondi Wash Dog Wash 500ml
    • Bondi Wash Dog Conditioner 500ml
    Packaged in a festive box.
  • Beautiful Bondi Wash & Hand and Body lotion make the perfect duo for your chemical free home. This pair of Bondi Wash plant-based products includes Pepper & Lavender Hand Wash (500ml) and Hand Lotion (500ml) that combine the powerful and uplifting fragrance of Australian bush oils with other essential oils and natural ingredients. The Hand Pamper Duo is packaged in a festive gift box. Nourishes and cares for hands with natural, fragrant formulations designed around Australian botanicals.
  • Purifying | Refreshing | Hydrating | Radiance Boosting | Enhance plumpness & firmness

    The perfect edible beauty routine is as simple as our “Core Four”. This is our travel kit version, also made in beautiful Miron glass in miniatures. Packaged in a luxurious Edible Beauty box, this makes the perfect beauty gift. Cleanse and Purify with No. 1 – Belle Frais Cleanser 30 ml - This cleanser is like a breath of fresh air on the skin. Coconut oil acts as a base to remove impurities and leave the skin fresh, radiant and hydrated. Tone and Uplift with No. 2 – Citrus Rhapsody Tonique 30 ml - The ultimate in uplifting and refreshing skin care, this tonique nurtures the skin with our unique blend of antioxidant rich fruits and herbs. Plump and Boost with No. 3 – Exotic Goddess Ageless Serum 10 ml -  This is our youth and beauty booster. Hyaluronic Acid and Beta Glucan provide smoothing and plumping actions. Kakadu, Davidson Plum and Edelweiss are supercharged with antioxidants, reducing fine lines and promoting collagen production. Hydrate and Refine with No. 4 – Vanilla Silk Hydrating Lotion 15 ml -  This is a lightweight hydrating face moisturiser with a luxurious satin consistency. Cocoa and Shea Butter provide a burst of hydration that has a strong repairing, preventative and wrinkle-reducing effect.
  • The Hunter Lab Charcoal Cleansing Kit is ideal for any modern hunter looking to kick start their daily grooming ritual. The hero of this kit is super ingredient Activated Bamboo Charcoal which aids in skin detoxification and hydration You'll be set to gently buff away dead skin cells with help of the Exfoliating Hand & Body Bar, whilst the game-changing innovation of the Charcoal Cleansing Stick will leave your face invigorated, detoxified and radiant
  • The Hunter Lab Daily Tool Kit is the perfect super natural gift set for any modern hunter. Packaged in the Black Pack, Hunter Lab's felt and leather grooming bag is the following; Hand & Body Wash, an incredible cleansing and invigorating wash, Cleansing Facial Scrub, the ultimate 2-in-1 facial cleanser and exfoliator, Daily Face Fuel, Hunter Lab's super effective, lightweight daily moisturiser
  • The Hunter Lab Hair Care Kit is the perfect gifting solution for men and women in need of thick, strong hair. The Hair Care Kit includes the Invigorating Shampoo and Nourishing Conditioner packaged within the Hunter Lab black gift carton. Both Hunter Lab hair care tools are all natural, built with hair strengthening and thickening Hemp Seed Oil and Silk Protein, and don’t contain any silicons or SLS
  • The Ultimate Ritual is the complete super natural skin care gift for the modern hunter. Packaged in the 100% real leather Tactical Bag. The gift set features five super natural skincare tools to set up the ultimate daily skincare ritual; the Daily Face Fuel, Cleansing Facial Scrub, Natural Deodorant, Charcoal Mud Mask and Exfoliating Hand & Body Bar
  • The problem solver pack is a collection of our organic skincare products that are best suited to combating problematic skin and fighting congestion. Includes:
    • Purifying gel cleanser 100ml
    • Vitalize Face Elixir 30ml
    • Elimination mask 45 g
    • Facial treatment brush
  • Meeka Body Body Cleanser & Sea Sponge Pack

    Cleanse with our vitamin enriched organic Aloe Vera, Chlorella & Spirulina extracts that infuse the skin with antioxidants keeping your skin healthy and radiant. Hydrate your natural sea sponge, feel its soft texture and watch it take its form. Its chemical free, 100% natural and will not hold mould or odours. Dispense a small amount of our body cleanser to create a luxurious lather.
  • Meeka Body Bride & Bridesmaids Gift Pack bridal pack is designed to pamper and prepare the bride for her special day. giving her a spa experience at home. Meeka's exfoliating products will prepare your skin, keeping it detoxified and glowing as they are perfect for pre- and post-tanning. Cleanse your body with Meeka Honeycomb sea sponge while bubbling away in Meeka's aromatherapy body cleansers that are enriched with organic chlorella and spirulina and high in essential oils.
  • Cleanse with Meeka's vitamin-enriched organic Aloe Vera, Chlorella & Spirulina extracts that infuse the skin with antioxidants keeping your skin healthy and radiant. Hydrate your natural sea sponge, feel its soft texture and watch it take its form. Its chemical free, 100% natural and will not hold mould or odours. Dispense a small amount of Meeka body cleanser to create a luxurious lather. Meeka's body oil hydrates and repairs your skin whilst you breathe in the aromas of Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Sweet Orange Essential Oils.