Our Founder

My name is Claire and I live in beautiful Brisbane, Queensland.

I am a skin practitioner specialising in skin health and aesthetic regenerative procedures. I’ve successfully run a skin health clinic here in Brisbane for over 8 years now and am a reputed industry leader. I live consciously and connected, and it is from this perspective that I have created Mason and Young – a personally researched and curated range of luxury, skin health, and wellness products showcasing our beautiful country Australia. These gorgeous natural and certified organic products have a direct and therapeutic impact on our skin, general health and wellness.

Mason and Young stems from a life-long love of caring for my own skin, during and post acne, focussing on the natural beauty that we all possess, with the belief that we should treat our biggest functioning organ with love and respect. Moreover the last few years in clinic I’ve performed a rapidly increasing number of patient consultations with inflammation being the core focus of conditions such as rosacea, dermatitis, adult acne and premature ageing. Not only as a community are we busier, stressed, adrenal fatigued and sick, we are also chronically chemically overloaded. All of these conditions directly impact every cell in our body and reflect in the way we look and feel.

Every product you see is one that I have personally researched, trialled and tested on your behalf, so in essence you can seek comfort knowing the hard work has been done – all you have to do is click and enjoy the luxury that is a far more natural approach to beauty.

Mason and Young caters to women, men, children, babies and expecting mothers, of all ages with a price point to suit everyone’s budget. I feel everyone should have access to this luxurious beauty experience.

Offering a premium customer experience at Mason and Young, my store manager and I are available for personalised skincare advice to assist you in finding the perfect organic and natural beauty products to meet your needs.
I truly hope you enjoy what I believe is the best beauty collection, from me to you.

Be well

Claire xox